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Tom Weinfurter

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My college studies were primarily in the area of Accounting, and Finance.  My previous positions included working at manufacturing locations, with facilities throughout the country, as the Plant Contoller (Accountant).  I worked closely with the plant operations personnel, and the general ledger accounting staff. My duties included, justifying the purchase of new equipment, repair and replacement of manufacturing equipment for multiple plant opertions.   I supervised individuals responsible for the general journal entries related to the operations, and was responsible for the yearly manfuacturing budgets, salaried payroll, federal, state, and sales taxes.  Responsible for product inventory, product costs, and product, and customer profitability.  Supervised Hourly Payroll, Industrial Engineering, and Cost Accounting area, for multi-plant operations, throughout the country.

I served three years in the US Army.  I met my wife Terry while I was stationed at Fort Carson, CO.  We have two boys Mark, who is married to Liz, they have a daughter Autumn, they live in St Paul MN.,  Jason, who is married to Melissa, they have a daughter Elsa, they live in Madison WI.

I enjoy working at the church as the Finance & Property Manager. I have served on the Board of Trustees as a member and chairperson numerous times during my time as a member of First United Methodist Church.

  April 2020  
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