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Director of Music & Worship Ministries: Dr. Matthew Harden

Sing a New Song Unto the Lord - Play a New Song Unto the Lord

I often reflect on the words of Psalm 150 (not the title above, part of it is from Psalm 149). It is such a joyous passage and always brings a smile to my face and heart.

We are so blessed at First Church with music and thank you all for your hard work. It has been a joy coming here to Direct the Music and Worship Ministries. I do need your assistance to understand all that you have done to continue to grow our program.



It has been a challenge as we continue through the various transitions due to Covid and knowing what the healthiest path forward is. I am grateful for those who are currently in the Sanctuary Choir, the Bell Choir, and those that came to Grace’s first rehearsal on Monday night. This week we start rehearsals for Bass Clef, and I know that we are all looking for new members. Please look into your hearts and think “am I ready to return to choir, would I like to join a choir for the first time, is there a chance I could try out a choir”. The answer to the last question is yes, drop in and visit one of the choirs. Try it out.

Song Leaders-

We are now having Song Leaders to help encourage our singing on Saturday night and Sunday morning. We are always looking for new voices to add to the rotations. Please consider joining this group of people and being a part of our Worship Team. Some of the singers prepare the songs on their own for the service and then run through them with me, as well as our collaborative keyboardist, but I do have a couple that will come in during the week and rehearse the hymns ahead of time. I am always happy to do this, especially if it helps grow their gifts for making music to God.

Instrumentalists – (NEW CRAZY IDEA of Matthew’s)

We have our A1 Brass and are so very grateful for their participation in worship and other areas of the church. I know that every year for Christmas Eve – Marty Robinson does a Family Orchestra for the early service, and I am so excited to play in that this year. I have talked to and heard perform two of our cellists at church. I look forward to hearing Cindy play her harp. Occasionally I have heard flute music wafting out of the chapel. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT WE NEED??? (Sorry for yelling), We need a list of all in the church who play various instruments. I am calling it an Instrumentalist Survey. I would love to know everyone who plays an instrument in the church. Those who might like to share their musical gift as a Musical Witness, those who would like to join A1 Brass, those who would be willing to play with one of the choirs on an Anthem. Those who want to be part of the Family Orchestra, and especially those who might be willing to play their instrument during one of the hymns/congregational songs on Sunday. Many years ago I implemented something like this in a large downtown church in Portland as two of the members said, “Matthew we do not sing, but would love to have a chance to praise and worship God by playing. Is there a chance we could be part of a service. I will not bore you now with all the details, but it did start a new instrumental ministry at the church. God knows you are out there and I know from many years of teaching that you are out there and have that instrument that may be lonely and just wants to be played again. Please think about it, and take a chance to offer your playing on the You Can Count On Me sheet. It would be so exciting to continue to expand our musical gifts.

Let everything that breathes praise the Lord! Amen and Amen.



  May 2022  
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